You Have Emotional Reset Buttons

better sleep self-care tips May 23, 2022

Have you ever gotten stressed and fallen into an unproductive or ugly emotional state? Stress causes your ‘dinosaur-brain’ to trigger behaviours that are not very resourceful. Once you’ve gotten there, it can be difficult to have a productive day or regain your sense of calmness and control.

There is something you can do that activates your emotional reset buttons. The following approach is a general overall method to use when you realize you are experiencing emotional stress and it consistently works like magic. Let me show you how simple it is to release stress and light up your frontal cortex so that you can feel better, solve challenges more easily and make better decisions.

This activity utilizes certain acupressure points which literally act as emotional pressure release valves in order to reduce the amount of time stress hormones circulate through your body causing uncomfortable feelings.

Have you ever noticed when someone is stressed they often place their palm on their forehead? That is an unconscious attempt to release some stress because this is the area where the stress-release acupoints are located. There are a couple of secret tips to making this activity work especially well.

  1. Lightly place the palm of your hand across your forehead.
  2. Recall what is stressing you. Activate your senses to the best of your ability. What does the stressful scene look like? What do you hear yourself or others saying? What are you feeling and where do you feel it? Do your best to sense everything you possibly can for 30-60 seconds. This simple activity releases a lot of emotional pressure. Just be sure you are touching your forehead LIGHTLY.
  3. Keep holding your forehead and wondering about possible solutions and a desirable outcome, even if you don’t know how the stress can change, the next step is to just allow yourself to sense the situation is turning out just fine. As if by movie-magic you can now see, hear and feel everything is going well. Enjoy this sensation for a few moments.
  4. Let go of your forehead when you suddenly take a deeper breath or your mind starts to wander. When you have been holding very lightly you might even feel pulses in your forehead above your eyes and mid-way between your eyebrows and hairline. This is the location of the stress-release acupoints and you can choose to place two fingertips of either hand on these points instead of using the palm of your hand across the entire forehead.
  5. Notice you’re feeling better!

Even if you believe you can’t do step 2. very well, simply holding your palm lightly on your forehead for at least 30 seconds as you think about something that stresses you is helpful.

Be creative and use this emotional stress diffusion technique for any daily stressful situations. I learned it from taking Touch for Health® classes and everyone who teaches it (like me) are encouraged to share this precious tip. Activating your stress release valves regularly helps reduce reactivity to emotional triggers. People report they benefit from doing this in the morning to prepare for their day, before a performance or presentation, at night before going to sleep, and sharing it with people in their lives who stress them out!

Do this activity as often as needed!

I’m always happy to have friendly conversations with those who are curious to learn more. Contact me to have your questions answered.


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