Handy Technique at the Fair!

pain tips walking Sep 02, 2018

Last week I spent time at the end-of-summer fair in Vancouver, BC and enjoyed the President's Choice SuperDog show (#pcsuperdogs) at the arena. However, when descending the steep concrete steps surrounded by crowds of people, I turned my foot oddly while stepping down. Ouch. It felt like a light sprain at the bottom of my foot and it felt like the arch collapsed a bit. Determined to be tough and not spoil the day I managed well enough until I finished lunch. When I stood up, the discomfort was even worse.  I started wondering how I was going to make the very long trek back to the car.

As a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist, I happen to know that the Posterior Tibialis muscles are involved in helping support the arch of the foot. As any devoted practitioner of Muscle Tuning™, I plopped myself down on a nearby bench, pulled off my shoe and thoroughly activated the origin and insertion of this muscle on my sore foot. I also activated all the spindle cells of all the plantar muscles and the Gait Reset Points. That took under four minutes.  I put my shoe back on and hoped for the best and was pleasantly surprised I was already 90% more comfortable when I stood up. I didn't even remember this discomfort until I got home and walked from the car into the house. I thought to myself it would be a good idea to activate those Gait Points again and it also felt really good to activate the spindle cells too. #TIP

At the fair, I was first wondering how soon I could get into my chiropractor's office and today I celebrated not needing to make an appointment by recording this personal win and writing this blog article to remind our students that you can use these techniques on yourself too!

Oh, and by the way, if your pet is willing, you can do a lot of Muscle Tuning techniques with them too!

- Denise Cambiotti
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