Hate Exercise? Change The Tune!

It's January and a lot of individuals are on an exercise kick, aren't they? Where will they be in February? You and I know that many of them will be frustrated, in pain and giving up.

The average person is doing the exercise thing backwards because they are Exercising to Tune Up their muscles in order to get stronger and develop better muscle tone. What if they Tuned Up Their Muscles BEFORE Exercising? 

Regardless of age, some of your muscles have 'checked out' because of over-use or injury and are not pulling their share of the weight. This causes other muscles to do the work of their neighbours. If several leg muscles aren't working properly for example, one may be at risk of a knee injury, an ankle sprain, or an unexpected fall. In addition, the muscles that are doing all the extra work get annoyed and will often communicate their displeasure with pain signals. Common pain relief methods won't last very long if this is the case. This person needs to do something different!

Not long ago, I offered a Muscle Tuning™ demonstration to a VERY fit bodybuilder. I wondered if he would even benefit from any Muscle Tuning since he already had an amazing physique. It was a bit intimidating to meet with him and suggest that some of his muscles might not be communicating with his nervous system 100% clearly and that during the session we would find these and improve their function.

I thought there'd only be one or two muscles in the 29 that I assessed that would show him what I was talking about. However, in just one hour we found and tuned up 20 of those 29 muscles. He was amazed (and so was I but I didn't let on of course)! I followed up with him a week later and he told me all his workouts went through the roof after our session and that he was extremely impressed.

Don't you think your clients would be crazy loyal to you for switching on their body's ability to work out with greater ease? What about individuals who would value just being able to get out of bed or get out off the sofa to get to the bathroom without struggling!?

It IS a lot more fun and satisfying to work out when you're not compensating for one side of the body working better than the other and when you can manage an activity with just the right amount of effort. 

We know you can offer great Muscle Tuning in as little as 24 hours of study online, at your own pace. In fact, you will be giving your clients some wins before you even get halfway through the program.

We offer live support throughout your learning journey and beyond because our mission is to train and mentor you to help at least 75% of your clients reduce at least 75% of their pain within just a few sessions along with increasing their vitality and physical function too. 

Stop the negative "I hate workouts cycle" by offering Muscle Tuning™ services. Keep your clients coming back because they love the results. Learn more by contacting us at: [email protected].

by Denise Cambiotti 
 Muscle Tuners International Inc.
© January 2022


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