Healing Can Happen Anywhere!


One of the things students often hear me say is that “healing can happen anywhere”.

The image above is me working on someone in a gym. This system requires no equipment so Muscle Tuning™ can just as easily be offered at someone’s residence or office, and if you click the play button, you will see another woman's video describing the dramatic change she enjoyed as a result of a conversation we had while I was out for a walk.


I was chatting with her on the phone after I had seen a post about her new kayak. That's when she mentioned that she had a fear of water. Wow. I stopped in my tracks at the park and asked if I could help with that.

She agreed so I led her through the process which took about 4 minutes. It was simple to coach Alison in our proprietary Dynamic Emotional Alignment Reset™ (DEAR) Technique to release trapped emotional stress and she said she already felt much less scared about going out in her kayak. It was a nice surprise when she sent me this video testimonial to let me know how great her next paddle was after we spoke. It's a year later now and she is still a courageous paddler!

Rapidly providing an individualized approach in releasing physical and emotional stress is what we train our Muscle Tuner® Specialists to do and it can be done anywhere, anytime. I can’t tell you specifically how I did the process because the session was fully customized for Alison. I will however, share the general overview of how the Dynamic Emotional Alignment Reset method is performed in as little as three to five minutes:

  1. Using muscle testing we identify a specific thought or scenario that stresses the individual.
  2. We determine if the stress should be defused first in 'present time' or 'past time'.
  3. We determine the energy system that is out of balance.
  4. We perform the technique.
  5. We check whether the stress is fully defused at the 'time' we determined at the start.
  6. We check if there is another energy system at this 'time' needing support and if so, repeat the process.
  7. When there is no more, we check whether we need to support the other 'time' and repeat steps 3-6.
  8. We can check if there is a related thought/scenario to clear, and repeat the process from step 1. Each individual aspect requires just a few minutes, and one or two is all that is usually needed.
  9. We test whether our work is complete and celebrate!

This method may seem similar to others out there, however our proprietary approach is different for several reasons which include doing exactly what the individual needs, in the specific order and manner the stress needs to be released and we stop when muscle-testing says it's done. No more, no less.

Because we use muscle-testing, we address just the specific systems that are out of balance which prevents the neurological system from getting overloaded with unnecessary input.

This DEAR method was created because we suspected many individuals might be stressed at the beginning of a seminar. Remember those days when people sat in a room and interacted with other people while learning new concepts?  We found it was helpful for everyone to relax as they entered our learning environment so that they could catch all the gems that we share. We also created this technique to support athletes and performers who would be clients of the customers we train.

Everybody functions better after releasing trapped emotional stress. When I was testing this technique, one of my subjects was a wonderful young woman who some might view as a ‘hippie-type, new-age, metaphysical store employee’ (no disrespect intended, the description is core to this story). She was anxious about attending Thanksgiving dinner that weekend with her very strict Christian family. In the past they had always gone on and on about her choice of clothing, hair style and career... which caused her a great deal of stress. The next time I saw her, she was very happy and reported it had been the best family dinner ever. Nothing about their continuing comments triggered her and everyone had an enjoyable visit. What a win!

Would you like to experience some do-it-yourself methods? FYI: the emotional stress relief tip works wonderfully for overall mental/emotional stress and everyone with tense neck and upper shoulder tension especially enjoys the neck and shoulder release tip.

I’m always happy to have friendly conversations with those who are curious. Contact me anytime to ask questions.

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