Why ‘Muscle Tuning’ Can Improve Your Life

muscle tuning Oct 26, 2020

We want the best quality of life don’t we? Are some of your objectives to maintain your independence, strength and mobility for as long as possible? 

As we age, many of us notice we are losing flexibility, followed by a progressive reduction of strength and stability. Perhaps we don’t have the same length of stride when we walk or ability to reach for things like we used to. When did it become difficult to pull on a pair of socks or put the groceries away?

Many of us care about avoiding or at least delaying these challenges so we pay attention to healthy diet and regular exercise. We invest time and money in activities such as stretching, weight bearing exercises, regular walking and maybe some yoga, tai-chi or dancing to keep our muscles and joints as healthy as possible. Are you one of the many though, who are frustrated when these healthy activities don’t yield results? Go ahead and blame it on age if you’d like. However, are you ready to consider a new perspective? 

Everyone’s body has an electrical system. That’s right. Did you know that it takes an electrical signal from your brain to get your arms and legs to move? Because you have this low voltage electricity running along nerves to your muscles, doesn’t it make sense that you might have popped a few circuit breakers in your lifetime from overdoing something, experiencing a strain, or having had a more serious injury? 

I live in an older home and I have to watch out when I run the kettle, the toaster-oven or microwave because when any two of those are in use at the same time, they draw too much energy and trip the circuit breaker in my basement. I can get these appliances working again by resetting the breaker switch. In many cases, your muscles act in a very similar manner! We reset the energy to your muscles by gently touching specific reflexes.

Your body usually compensates for the challenges mentioned above especially when you’re younger. You don’t even realize that some of your muscles aren’t working properly because enough of them are functioning well enough. Then one day, you bend over and have trouble getting up or you are doing exercises that work for other people but they don’t work well for you.

What can you do? We suggest you ‘Tune Up Your Muscles First’ so that they can respond to your efforts. As soon as the signals are flowing again between your muscles and your brain, efforts to tone and strengthen begin to produce results sooner. Everyone wants to feel secure and stable when standing, walking and climbing stairs so the leg muscles must be switched on. No one wants to feel tired after walking so we need to make sure the upper body and lower body muscles are working cooperatively. Who doesn’t want to be able to lift things more easily, be able to get up out of the chair or roll out of bed without straining? 

We have solutions called Muscle Tuning. Our challenge has been in finding more individuals who enjoy out-of-the-box answers and who would like training to add Muscle Tuning™ services and/or become Muscle Tuner® Specialists so that they can help others develop more strength, flexibility and experience less pain, rapidly. In addition to our original program created for these individuals, we have created additional online trainings offering a self-care approach for anyone which assists them in gaining greater focus, vitality, strength and which also help in reducing pain.

We care about helping the greatest amount of people experience more productive lives. I am always happy to share a few self-care tips you can use right away so please contact me. If you or someone you know aren’t getting pleasure from the activities you used to enjoy because it is too hard, or hurts too much, I'd like to chat with you to explore how we can help with that!

by Denise Cambiotti 
© 2020  Muscle Tuners International Inc.

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