Is That Tension You're Feeling .... Natural?

Yesterday I met with a client with a 'different' kind of concern. John felt that his scalp was too tight and it was causing him to lose his hair. He wondered if there was something we could do to help him release the tension at the top of his head because he knew we advertise that we tune up muscles. 

All I could say was: "Let's see what we can do" and proceeded to check various muscles. Without boring you with great detail but still giving you a glimpse of the marvel of body engineering, we used a technique for locating priority imbalances and found that we had to start with resetting walking reflexes in his feet, then we had to assess a hip muscle which needed activation of some reflexes at the top of his neck in order for the hip and feet receptors to have proper communication with his nervous system. Then we could assess communication patterns between four specific sets of connective tissues and muscles in the area of concern. We were able to get those that were too tight to release and getting those that were too loose to gain better tone. Pretty near instantly.

Well, it sure was satisfying to watch the client extend, flex and twist his neck then stretch and bend and twist his body while saying... "WOW" over and over for a few minutes. 

I was ready to scribble notes as fast as I could because I recognized that the look on his face meant something interesting was happening for him. In his own words: "I felt a deep letting go of something that had just felt natural... the way things ... were.... but... it wasn't.... natural! The tension under my head and in my back that I thought was there for good ... all of a sudden.. it just let go... and that it could be removed... gee... I didn't realize it could..."

While that was pretty awesome, the greatest satisfaction for me was that when he stood up and looked at me, I observed that the misalignment of his eyes we noticed at the beginning of the session was gone! This is neurologically incredibly important because if your eyes perceive the world from a tilted perspective, their neurological signals affects a ton of body proprioception... how you hold yourself up in space, how the left and right sides of your body move in coordination... or not.... and it causes continuous and insidious stress to your nerves.

People who complete our Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program and our Tuning with Surrogates Program can also get these types of results. 

Oh, and John's scalp felt better too. We're looking forward to his follow up appointment as he left with a huge smile and a much lighter step. 

- by Denise Cambiotti 
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