Observing Muscle Imbalances From Afar

muscle tuning pain runners Jun 04, 2020

I was walking in the woods this morning while three joggers passed me.

It was interesting to observe them because each jogger's running mechanics was noticeably different from the others. 

The middle jogger was perky, upright, toes forward, shoulders back, making running look effortless.

The one on the right had her feet turned noticeably outward as she ran. 

The one on the left had completely different mechanics with her arms a-swinging awkwardly along with corresponding effort from her legs where the feet seemed to loop outward before each heel strike. 

What did this tell me?

The jogger on the right probably has flat feet and will likely develop foot pain from running. I say this because outward foot turn often indicates the anterior and posterior tibialis and peroneus muscles are not firing properly. These muscles support foot arch and ankles. There's probably also involvement from the lateral hamstrings, adductors and the gracilis muscle. All of these muscles originate or insert nearby the knee. Watch out for knee problems in the future if you continue running with feet that don't point forward. 

The acupuncture meridian that energizes these muscles is in an opposing relationship with the meridian that powers key hip flexors. This runner might be feeling discomfort in her groin area. One of these sets of muscles is aggravating the other. 

The jogger on the left has the classic sign of gluteus medius imbalance. She may have, or will develop, sore buttocks and achy hips. When this muscle isn't functioning well, the leg tends to swing outwards instead of moving in a straight line in the direction of travel. The meridian that powers this muscle, opposes the meridian that energizes muscles causing the inelegant arm-flailing movements. Again, one of these muscles is aggravating the other even though they are in very different areas of the body.

It's interesting to note that these last two muscles are connected to glands that affect hormonal production and distribution according to research by AK doctors who have integrated manual muscle testing with eastern acupuncture theory.  

Doesn't it interest you to learn that improving muscle function can assist with internal organ and gland function? 

When a person receives Muscle Tuning™ they benefit by improving the communication between numerous groups of muscles so that they work in better cooperation. This reduces physical stress while performing activities and leads to more efficient movement. It may also reduce chance of injury from improper body mechanics and enhances general wellness. 

I really enjoy sorting out these types of problems in about 30-60 minutes and thrive from teaching health and wellness professionals how to do this also! While it may seem complicated, Muscle Tuners International has systems that streamline the processes of offering Muscle Tuning™ sessions so that clients leave their sessions feeling balanced, stronger, more flexible, energized and calm. 

A walk in the woods (or the mall) is never boring when you are a Muscle Tuner® Specialist!

We invite you to help your clients "Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned."
Contact us for more information about how this can improve your career today.

by Denise Cambiotti 
© 2020  Muscle Tuners International Inc.

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