Stay Focussed to Stay Calm

Were you aware that activities that force you to focus on your breath or your body movements encourage your nervous system to relax and your body energies to 'ground'? Would that feel good to you about now?

Continue reading because the martial arts example demonstrates how your mind and body can become calm (but you won’t need to learn this art to gain benefits).

In martial arts it is important to constantly focus on your posture, how much weight each foot and joint is bearing, each phase of your breath, where your arms and hands are, at what angles your wrists and fingers are held, what direction your toes point and what you need to do to get to the next position...

Being this focussed on a single activity means there is no time to worry about what to make for dinner or how you're going to get your child to finish their homework. 

Many types of physical activities are actually like doing "moving meditation".

Lots of activities qualify. When you're in the gym lifting weights, you need to watch  your form so that you avoid injuries. As a runner you get into a 'zone'. While gardening you focus on one flowerbed at a time, immersed in the sensations of reaching, bending, lifting, weeding, hoeing, the feel of earth under your fingers and the sounds of birds.

More passive forms of calming can be: painting, making pottery, composing music, really getting into a good book where you can visualize the environment and the characters.

Realize that standing or walking barefoot or laying on the grass, ground or sand is also verrrrry grounding. Notice the unusual sensations... different than the feeling of your usual footwear. It's pretty easy to go sit outdoors with your journal and take your shoes off and let the blades of grass tickle your toes while you write, isn't it?

When you take the time to focus on an activity that pleases you, then your nervous system relaxes because it gets the signal that you are not in danger. 

What will you do to focus and calm yourself today?


Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned!

by Denise Cambiotti 
© 2020  Muscle Tuners International Inc.

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