Stress Release Self-Help Technique

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2021

Unbelievably simple, Incredibly powerful. Anytime you are stressed, do the following.

Have you ever noticed when you're stressed, you tend to place your hands on your forehead? That is an unconscious attempt to release some stress. Imagine if you did that action with purpose and knew the secret 'ingredient' to making it work really well. Find this ingredient in CAPITALS below...

There are acupressure points on the forehead that help release stress because they act as pressure release valves for emotional tension. Perform this technique for 30 seconds to 3 minutes to stop that stress from continuing to circulate throughout your body. Find a quiet place and remember to fully breathe throughout.

  1. LIGHTLY place your hand or fingertips across your forehead while imagining a stressful situation for several moments. The specific points are halfway between your eyebrows and hairline on the 'bump' immediately above the coloured part of your eyes.
  2. If you can visualize, what does the stressful scene look like?
  3. What does sound like? 
  4. What do you feel about this event, where do you feel it? 
  5. Now, allow these images and sensations to change as you envision, hear and feel the event turning out better - as if by movie-magic. Suddenly everything is going well… in your mind's eye you can now see, hear and/or feel that event turns out wonderfully (even if it was in the past). Enjoy this new outcome for a few moments.
  6. Even if you don't think you can visualize these things, simply placing light pressure across these points on your forehead for at least 30 seconds as you think about the challenging situation is very helpful. Holding for a few minutes is better when there are several aspects connected to the event to recall and consider. When you suddenly take a deep sigh, or your mind starts to wander, or you start to feel pulses under your fingertips... the process is finished.
  7. Let go of your forehead and notice you feel better!

This technique is especially useful for present-day challenges and upcoming events. Some people use this process to defuse stress from past events. The relief can be immediate and noticeable. We do not recommend using this technique for past events alone by yourself if you have experienced any serious trauma. However, alongside assistance from a trained professional, this technique is extremely helpful combined with other therapies.

Be creative and use this simple emotional stress diffusion technique from Touch for Health® for any daily stressful situation. Letting go of little stresses regularly prevents being as reactive to triggers. We highly recommend you teach it to others - especially the ones that stress you out!

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by Denise Cambiotti 
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