Surprising Results from 'Power On Your Brain' Free Tip

By Denise Cambiotti.

We are sharing a pretty nice 'Winning Story' reported to us during our most recent Office Hours support video conference we regularly host for our members. One of our Muscle Tuner® Specialists gave a wonderful report. It was related to one of the techniques we share in our free Energy Boost Five Tips giveaway on our homepage.

She had a female friend in her mid 30's perform the 'Power On Your Brain' technique. Touch for Health® colleagues know this as the 'Switching On Exercises'. This woman had had a stroke eight years previously and had undertaken a series of rehabilitation efforts during this duration and things had gotten better but she still had a few issues. She currently suffered from a problem with her peripheral vision.  This meant she couldn't view her surroundings with any amount of 'wide angle' that we mostly all take for granted. 

Instantly after performing this technique, she said "Oh My God!" and reported that all her peripheral vision had returned. She also noticed her walking pattern (gait) had noticeably improved for her. 

We couldn't have ever predicted in our wildest dreams that anyone could be so profoundly helped with such a 'basic' technique. Many fully functioning and healthy people in our field take this simple activity for granted and perform it regularly because they sense that it causes their focus and concentration to improve. They believe it is doing many good things for them but they can't usually put their finger on what it achieves. We are THRILLED to learn of such a MEASUREABLE success in this one case.  

We invite you to follow the link and try out these five free tips for a week and notice how your own life improves!  Then, would you please shoot us a note with your success story?

by Denise Cambiotti 
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