Tip for Sore Joints and Muscles

pain tips Oct 12, 2018

Warm Ups Are Important
Even though my gym is nearby I have been a little tardy in arriving for group sessions the last few visits and didn't get an effective warmup. Not a good habit. During my last session, one of my knees complained loudly. It quickly got surprisingly painful to the point I couldn't put my full weight on the one leg during some of the moves.

Simple, Effective Technique
Thankfully we soon got a brief water break and I had about 20 seconds to perform the "Origin / Insertion Technique' that we teach in our Muscle Tuner™ Specialist program. You will want to remember the theory of this technique in case you ever experience a 'muscle pull'. Perform it as early as possible and you will be impressed with the results. #TIP

How to Do It?
The only trick to the technique is having some understanding of where your painful muscle 'originates' from and where it 'inserts'. Once you know that, use your fingertips to make tiny circular wiggles all along the edges of the muscle. Once you have done that, slide your fingertips towards the bone, with the intention of gently pushing the fibers of the muscle (and tendon) towards their attachment point(s). It only takes a few brief moments to activate these areas at both ends of the muscle.

What Did I Do For My Knee?
In my case, I figured it was the quadriceps muscles that were pulling on my knee cap so I activated the origin of the muscles up on the front of my hip bone, and the insertion points for the four quadriceps muscles that insert downward just above and just below the knee.

I experienced quick release of the tension and pain and I was able to perform comfortably the whole rest of the class. I was pleased with finishing a great workout and not missing the class and wasting $$$. I was also able to continue my day which included a long walk down into and out of a ravine park with a friend. The knee gave me a slight pinch early in the walk so I just repeated the little mini massage-like technique and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Remember this technique and use it. When you notice your own quick effective results and become curious about what else we offer, check out specific details of the course content.

- Denise Cambiotti
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