Tuning for Recovery at the Gym

A client met me at the gym last week for some  Muscle Tuning™. She has met me at my office several times in the past, and those sessions have been very helpful. She said she was ready to challenge her body and wanted someone standing by to support her as she begins working out with equipment at the gym. She was somewhat fearful of hurting herself further by performing exercises if some of her muscles weren't firing properly yet. 

We didn't do the Primary or Secondary Muscle Tune Up Protocol which we perform for most people. I offered a highly customized session to help her recover from an injury. She is currently fully supported with great physiotherapy, however, there have been some muscles that have been extremely stubborn to return to proper function. She asked if switching on muscles throughout a gym workout could be helpful. Of course I let her know that's one of the best ways of demonstrating the instantly observable benefits of Muscle Tuning™.  

At the gym, she performed certain exercises and noticed how difficult they were on the injured side. She also noticed her 'good' side wasn't as 'good' as she hoped!

After utilizing manual muscle testing to assess just seven muscles and 'Tuning Them Up', she repeated the exercise activities and noticed several improvements including:

  • the crunchy sound her elbow joint was previously making was gone instantly after we worked with the biceps muscle
  • she could mentally connect with her Latissiumus Dorsi muscle, and using the Lat Pull Down machine was remarkably easier 
  • The Teres Minor (a key rotator cuff muscle)  strengthened surprisingly
  • The Psoas Major and Quadratus Lumborum muscles had been completely switched off and returned to 100% function after several reflexes were activated
  • a stretch activity she has had trouble with achieved significantly greater extension on the injured side with considerably less discomfort

Even though she has had a shoulder injury we worked with some muscles of the lower body too. That's because to do a really great job of Muscle Tuning™ we don't focus on  JUST the problem area. Nerves and muscles and reflexes communicate in many interesting ways. We work with numerous muscles regardless of where they are located. The body is a marvelous machine. Because we work with reflexes, an improvement in one area can have a positive effect at a distance.

I love my work. I love to teach this to others and they also love to demonstrate these same effects. 

Do not wait for an injury before seeking out a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist. We highly recommend you receive some Muscle Tuning™ from time to time before you work out (or shovel that last dump of snow). It can balance the force of opposing muscles so that you minimize the risk of injury. 

I just heard back from my client today and she shared that she is optimistic about returning to exercise.  It has been a long year off.  Her Physiotherapist noticed a positive improvement and mentioned this person's time at the gym paid off (but we didn't tell her she hardly worked out!)

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned!

- Denise Cambiotti
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