Who Knew?

April 21, 2017.

By Heather Phillips

Who knew that a little pressure on a Neuro-lymphatic Reflex point would make such a difference?

Recently my business partner, Denise, and I were in a photo shoot with Spenser Chapple (photographer) and Keegan McMahon (the model).  The goal of the day was to walk away with pictures and videos of 50+ muscle tests.  The starting position for Subscapularis was a challenge for Keegan, so we asked him if we could rub the lymphatic spots on the front & back of his body (T2-T3).  He said yes and we did.  Then we carried on with the other muscles. 

Once finished the “still shots” we moved onto shooting the videos.  Once again Keegan put his limbs into the start position of the muscle tests.  When we got to the previously challenging subscapularis muscle test, Keegan’s arm went into position with ease!  Keegan and Spenser were impressed and we were ALL amazed even though Denise and I regularly see these types of results.  We had done one basic Muscle Tuning™ technique and it made a BIG difference to his range of motion.  When we asked Keegan to notice the difference in his shoulder he was pleasantly surprized with how his arm went into position so easily.  Oh, and he later told us he was a baseball pitcher and had injured his shoulder last year!  Imagine if he had received a Muscle Tune-up™ while recovering from his injury?  To see many of the Neuro-lymphatic spot locations, go to our home page and download our Energy Boost Five Free Tips Series for this and other tips to Turn on your Body-Brain Connection.   

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned.

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