Why is This Method So Fast?


Sometimes an injury is slow to heal and it takes longer for your client to recover than you would like. Maybe you have noticed a body part doesn’t function as well as it did before a strain or an accident has occurred.

Time and a conventional approach to therapy doesn’t always work. If this is the case, you need a different strategy so that clients achieve the results they want sooner.

It may interest you to know that in about 60-90 minutes over 50 muscles from head to foot can be checked to see if they are communicating with the brain optimally, along with resetting any that need to be tuned up. It’s wonderful to find and fix troubled muscles before your clients bend down to pick up a proverbial paperclip and ‘suddenly’ can’t get up again.

Because the body is electrical in nature, when there has been over-use, a strain, or other injury, the nervous system will often pop a ‘circuit-breaker’. Numerous muscles may seem 'weak' or ‘hyper-tight’ (technically ‘under-‘ or ‘over-‘ facilitated). In either case, our Muscle Tuning system will find these issues and provide a way to solve them so that most bodies will function better and with less effort within a single session.

The reason for speedy results is based on over fifty years of research by scientists to identify that muscles share a fixed number of ‘electrical circuits’ in the body and where their reset buttons are located. 

If you are a therapist who isn’t aware of this circuitry, you may fail to permanently resolve physical issues because few or no messages are getting to the tissues that are in trouble. If neurological messages aren’t being delivered, this means that affected areas will not respond appropriately.

This situation can be easily rectified if you know how to identify these deficiencies and where to provide a manual input signal for about thirty seconds. It is rather like resetting an electrical circuit breaker in your homes electrical panel after trying to run too many electrical devices at the same time.

For example, I cannot run the kettle and the toaster oven at the same time at my home because combined these draw more than the 15 amp circuit allows. Whenever I forget and both appliances are used at the same time, they both lose power and I have to reset the switch in the electrical box in my utility room. With the flow of electricity restored, I am now able to use the kitchen's electrical outlets again.

This is a great safety feature in our homes, and our bodies also have a similar built-in feature!

Some reset points relate to the acupuncture meridian system. Some of them relate to how the nervous system, lymphatic or circulatory systems are communicating with the troubled muscles. Most importantly, if the muscle’s signals are not being properly received and processed by the brain, rehabilitative exercises could take ages to have an effect. Additional approaches have recently been discovered that release emotional stress stored within muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia thus relieving a constellation of chronic issues.

The solution is easy when you know the simple process and exactly where the ‘magic reset buttons’ are located. Clients observe that some muscles are acting pretty wimpy and weak when the assessment is begun then feel the muscle powering up and doing its job effortlessly after you perform the reset. Their faces light up because it's is a pretty amazing experience. Additional therapy interventions if needed, will now work better and results will be more permanent.

Very early in my career I had a dramatic experience that occurred when I was offering free demonstrations. My aim was to provide a 15 minute assessment and tune up of fourteen pairs of muscles. One woman hadn't been able to lift her leg to climb the stairs to her bedroom since a car accident seven years prior. She also found it very hard to walk. Together we observed there was absolutely no power in her quadriceps muscles. I needed to lift and position her leg in the start of the test position since she couldn’t manage on her own. I remember thinking to myself: “Be sure to activate the reset points for these muscles for a little bit longer than the recommended thirty seconds - for luck!” We were both extremely surprised when I went to help her lift her leg again and her knee lifted up with no help at all! In fact it responded so strongly her eyes were as round as saucers!

Tony in the short video above discovered that the Muscle Tuning system greatly sped up his process of evaluating and servicing his clients seeking pain relief during his virtual appointments. He also observed that Muscle Tuning identifies many hidden issues and provides processes to interrupt chronic pain patterns. As he says in his testimonial video at the top of this post: “It’s incredibly fast.

I have been called an ‘Easy-o-logist’ for showing how to improve the functions of 52 muscles of the body and I’m always happy to have conversations with anyone who is curious about this process. Contact me to have your questions answered.

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