Flexibility Increased!

Okay, so that's not a picture of me attached to this post. Did it get your attention though?

I've been struggling with a particular stretch similar to the one above but with the opposite arm reaching up from below to touch fingertips between the shoulder blades.

I've been posting social media images that our methods not only improve strength, they improve flexibility also. I wondered, if I could do that for other people like Andrea (first video on this link),  couldn't I focus on the flexibility component for myself too? I thought about which muscles were involved in the movement. I moved my left arm then my right arm around in various ways (fitting right in with everyone else in the stretching area at the back of the gym, of course).

I tested four muscles I suspected were involved. The Middle Trapezius was okay, but not the Lower Traps. They unlocked one one side so I activated reflexes on the front and back of the body for about 20 seconds each. Then I checked the Rhomboids and found the one on the right was working too hard. I spent about a minute holding another set of reflexes and acupressure points and then the muscle tested perfectly. The last muscle I checked was Levator Scapula and it was operating fine on both sides. 

I impressed myself by repeating the stretch and the fingertips that were previously at least 2 inches apart were now easily touching! 

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- Denise Cambiotti
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