Results from Working with Just Two Muscles!

We have a Muscle Tuner® Specialist named Laurie who has been working with a friend who agreed to explore the results of focussing on just a couple of muscles, rather than working with numerous muscles from head to foot as is normally practiced. 

The friend has experienced extremely tight quadriceps muscles for years and regular massage therapy appointments over the last three months temporarily helped but didn't solve the problem. 

Laurie wanted to research the change in flexibility and range of motion possible with working with just a few key leg muscles. The experiment was to have this volunteer activate reflexes on her own at home daily for ten days. She was directed to observe her range of motion before and after activating the reflexes for the quadriceps and the opposing hamstrings.

The result was that this person's quadriceps muscles are now able relax enough and the hamstrings can tighten up enough so that she can bring her heel toward her buttocks and she can grasp her foot (the classic position for performing a quadriceps stretch). This is a great improvement! She was previously barely able to lift her lower leg  horizontal to the floor, and it had been impossible to reach back to touch even the tips of the fingertips anywhere by the foot.  

We'd like to thank Laurie Peel for sharing this success story with us. Keep up the great work Laurie! You can reach out to her in Hamilton, Ontario via: [email protected]

By the way, we offer Introduction to Muscle Tuning events where the public can learn how to tune up these muscles for themselves.
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- By Denise Cambiotti
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